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Some time ago you spent a wild weekend with a beautiful girl named Lilly.  Since then, you've been visiting her regularly, with no lasting memory of what happens. Today you answered your phone, then woke up several hours later in a room with no windows and a steel door. It appears that Lilly has some hard questions you need to answer, and a little test.  No need to resist, Lilly is Powerful and your will power will never be missed. Featuring a Mirrored Ball, Mis-direction and Powerful Release. Enjoy Lilly!   sample  


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Erotic hypnosis is the sexual interest in hypnosis or mind control. Reducing inhibitions and increasing arousal are the most common goals of erotic hypnosis. Erotic hypnosis can include suggestions intended to improve sexual health. Hypnotic suggestions may include techniques to overcome aprehension about fellatio, increase sensuality, improve libido, and even to increase breast size. Erotic hypnosis may be used within a Dominance and submission relationship as a form of erotic power and control, with the submissive person willingly surrendering his or her will to the dominant in exchange for sexual pleasure and/or an emotional bond. Hypnosis enhances the feelings of submission to the point where a submissive can actually feel a dominant's control moving their body or influencing their thoughts. This creates an intense feeling of belonging and intimacy. Personality transformation is another common fantasy. People often fantasize about being freed from responsibilities or inhibitions and transformed into someone who can freely enjoy the sexual pleasures they imagine or read about.